Wedding Photography Aberdeen

Janie BarclayJanie Barclay

Janie Barclay is an experienced photographer who has gained an honours degree in photographic and electronic media. As a wedding photographer she has travelled throughout Scotland capturing many couples’ special day. She is able to capture the memories and emotion from your wedding day in a picture- quite a talent! Janie can put together your photos in a collection which is both elegant and artistic allowing you to treasure them for the rest of your life, as well as show to loved ones. Whether you are looking for posed formal shots or those spontaneous moments, Janie Barclay can capture them for you. Amongst her portfolio Janie can demonstrate beautiful portrait photos of the bride using creative backdrops which really show off her dress. Other photos in her portfolio portray the mood of the day perfectly, relaxed, happy and loving- being able to capture such emotions on camera really is quite something. Janie has her own facebook page which reflects her wide customer base in Aberdeen. Her website shows many of the styles which you may choose to go for, however she recommends a pre-wedding day shoot free of charge, allowing you to get relaxed in front of the camera before the big day. Her website has a blog which tracks some of the weddings she has been to throughout the year, a great place to start for ideas.

Janie continues to keep up to date with the latest techniques and styles, recently her team visited Faye and Trevor Yerbury who are two of the most esteemed photographers specialising in weddings. Her team can also be found at the many wedding exhibitions around Aberdeen where her work is displayed beautifully. The albums used for your wedding photographs are from Italy and of the tremendous quality, ask to see them the next time you spot her at one of the wedding fairs!